Hi, I'm Tom. I take pictures because I have to.


When I walk around downtown, or out in the woods, just about anywhere in between, I see good pictures. Images that will look great on a wall, the beauty of a flower, the depth of a landscape. I have an obsession; I call it 'Capturing Moments in Time".


I discovered photopraphy in my freshman year of high school. Electives were required for grauduation, so I took photography 101. I was so intrigued by the whole experience of creating a unique scene, that falling in love with photography felt natural.


Through the years, I learned all I could about the art of photography and editing. When I got an oportunity to work for Adobe and specifically with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, I knew my photography could go to a whole new level.


The DSLR camera was a revolution of freedom for me. Taking classes online for everything that had to do with photography, and shooting everything insight without the cost of film and a dark room was completly liberating.


This website displays some of my portfolio, more are posted on Deamstime.com and other stock photo websites.






Tom Handley


CONTACT information
Beaverton, Oregon

Phone no :  971-276-5660
E-mail :  tom@toms-photography.com